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Dental emergency methods of pain

At the end of the 1, white pepper 10 grams of research into alcohol tune into a paste, four points placed in cavities.

2, ipsilateral laogong point acupuncture, moderate stimulus, the needle 1 ~ 2 times, twist not retaining needle up and down.

3, ebony, 12 are contained in the mouth, or and drops.

4, hive right amount, add pure alcohol in moderation, ignition burning, stay hive burnt black ash, dip in with finger ash apply with teeth, usually 4 ~ 5 minutes but the pain.

5, pig oil, a few of new cotton, with cotton wrapped lard baking hot, bite at suffering from a toothache for a moment, 1 time in 1, repeated several times.

6, 1 ~ 2 grain of nightfall pill, crush on tooth gum with 5 ~ 10 minutes, 1 times a day, usually not more than 3 times.

7, 15 g almond peel (tip) to add some salt, decoct soup contains gargle, day 3 ~ 4 times (be careful not to swallow).

8, with ice li4 acupuncture point massage for 5 minutes.

9, acupuncture of lr 3 hole, turning into the needle, after qi, belong to the wind fire toothache with reducing method, deficiency fire toothache purging before filling. Toothache alleviate after needle shimonoseki, after much air retaining needle for 30 minutes.

, eggs, a 10, the egg white into the bowl, add 100 ml of liquor, stir into a paste, clothing it before sleep.

11, gallnut, sichuan pepper each 60 grams, 6 grams, realgar, at the end of the porphyrization Huang Douli wrapped with gauze size, bubble wine is bottled. Set aside. 1, grain place when the pain of teeth to bite, 10 minutes.

12, acupuncture points the main point the sanjiao (triple energizer), door god, all in one side, with 5 cent needle, to Pierce the fast response points, turning gently frail elderly, young body strong strong stimulation, make the needle feeling sore gums, retaining needle 10 to 20 minutes; 1 times per day, 4 1 course of treatment.

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